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Martin Creed: The Back Door

“Clever, dumb, smart and stupidly gorgeous. Whatever Creed does …he brings a joyousness, lightness and objectivity to the task.”
The Guardian (UK)

Winner of the 2001 Turner Prize, British artist Martin Creed has pursued an extraordinary path by confounding the traditional categories of art and employing a minimalistic approach that strips away the unnecessary while preserving an abundance of wit, humor, and surprise. Crossing all media including painting, drawing, music, dance, theater, film, sculpture, fashion, and more, Creed’s practice meditates on our everyday existence and the visible and invisible structures that shape our lives.

Creed continues his ongoing exploration into rhythm, scale, and order in his largest installation in the U.S. to date, a survey of his work from its most minimal moments to extravagant, larger-than-life installations. Utilizing both the Wade Thompson Drill Hall and the historic interiors of the building, Creed will reimagine the space with opening and closing doors, curtains, a slamming piano, and balloons, amongst other new works made for this exhibition. These materials and situations, when grouped together, create a playful spectacle within a framework that provides the viewer with a fascinating way to counter our visually overloaded, choice-saturated culture.

Join the Armory’s curatorial assistant for insightful, hour-long conversations with artists, scholars, and cultural leaders, who offer new points of view on this inventive British artist and his largest survey to date. June 18 - July 30; Saturdays at 3:00pm. Learn more

Explore the art of Martin Creed and create your own art projects inspired by the playful spectacle. Saturday, June 11 at 10:00am. Learn more

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Commissioned by Park Avenue Armory. Curated by Tom Eccles and Hans-Ulrich Obrist.

Image: Martin Creed, Work No. 1094, 2011

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