Park Avenue Armory

Artists Studio

“…It was a block of music that made you think, as the room does: Take note. Listen deeply. The rest of the world is not like this.” – The New York Times

A monument of late 19th-century decorative arts, the Veterans Room is the most significant remaining intact interior in the world by Louis C. Tiffany and Co., Associated Artists. The design of the room by these artisans was exotic, eclectic, and full of experimentation; as noted by Decorator and Furnisher: “the prepondering styles appear to be the Greek, Moresque and Celtic, with a dash of Egyptian, the Persian and the Japanese in the appropriate places.”

This season, the series adds a new voice to the eclectic styles found in the space, with performances by a diverse mix of musicians, composers, and artists that infuse their own work with a multitude of various references and source material, from Japan, India, and West Africa to the American South and Harlem. Curated by jazz pianist, composer, and MacArthur fellow Jason Moran, these interventions explore the culture of sound that can be visibly seen in the newly reopened space, while allowing these creative thinkers to actively explore bold new directions of global influence in contemporary music.

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